Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.
Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.

1. Climate Controlled Manufacturer

The major components of the home, the roof, floors, and walls are manufactured in climate controlled factories, keeping the wood from the elements of nature. The result: Dryer lumber means less warping, shrinking, twisting, rotting or swelling.

  • Walls will be straighter.
  • Fewer nail-pops, ceiling or corner cracks.
  • Windows and doors fit better.

2. Cost Savings

  • Less labour required putting the structure up.
  • Shorter construction time frame.
  • Guaranteed price up front; there are no costly overruns.
  • Less cleanup cost at the job-site.
  • Less material waste.
  • Less job-site theft; it's hard to steal a wall panel.

3. Excellent Quality

  • All components are manufactured to strict building standards & codes, and thoroughly inspected every step of the way.
  • State of the art computerized equipment ensures precision-built components.
  • Even the most complex roof systems can be handled with ease.
  • Years of buying experience get you the best quality and value in all your building products.


Nelson Ready To Move designs, manufactures and build the best range of custom family floor plans and top quality luxury RTM homes in Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster, and across Alberta & Saskatchewan. RTM houses deliver a better owner investment and are more cost effective and time efficient alternative over common mobile, manufactured modular prefab buildings, and on site dream house plan building and construction. We offer many pre built Ready To Move styles and homes for sale, and RTM floorplans & foundations can include full basement and crawl space constructed out of concrete, wood or ICF insulated concrete form. We are professional CSA approved RTM home builders, and members of the EHWC Extended Home Warranty.